The Art of Science


The BodyKey® Philosophy

Important scientific principles govern the way weight loss is achieved and managed.  Doing things at a steady pace with a view to long terms results is more important than rapid weight loss, followed by yo-yo fluctuations in your weight which stress the system.

That is why every aspect of the BodyKey® by NUTRIWAY® program grew from important key principles and decades of industry research that have enabled the NUTRILITE® brand to become the world’s #1 selling vitamin and dietary supplements brand*.

Our ability to maintain over 80 years of leadership in the nutrition and wellness industry is supported by the NUTRILITE Health Institute, where leading scientists, researchers and nutritional experts collaborate on developments that help people achieve Optimal Health.

Keith Randolph  - Technology Strategist Nutrilite Health Institute

This global scientific communication has leveraged breakthrough technologies, leading health guidelines and scientifically advanced nutrition products for people around the world.  From the beginning the NUTRILITE Health Institute has been thoroughly involved in the safety and effectiveness of all parts of the BodyKey by NUTRIWAY program, from healthy nutritional guidelines to realistic goal setting to our scientifically advanced products.

The BodyKey by NUTRIWAY program embodies the wellness approach of founder Carl Rehnborg. It emphasises good nutrition, balanced supplementation and the importance of rest, relaxation and lifestyle factors.

*Source – Euromonitor International Limited

NUTRILITE® products are sold as NUTRIWAY® products in Australia and New Zealand