Nutrition and Exercise


Part of the BodyKey® program is a Personal Assessment, which is completed at the start of your weight loss journey through the app. When completed, it helps to generate meal advice designed specifically to help you with your fat and carb content, macronutrients and calorie intake tailored to your own individual needs and goals.

A Complete System

BodyKey® by NUTRIWAY® comes complete with meal advice and nutritional products that are designed to complement your body and your weight management program. The meal advice you can view on your BodyKey app provides direction on the types and quantity of food you should be consuming considering your diet type low carb or low fat, your weight goals and daily activity. This is not a comprehensive meal planner, it is a guide to help you understand the types of foods that meet the caloric and macro nutrient ratios that are right for you so you can begin to build and customise your own meals according to your personal preferences. Remember, the key to the success of the BodyKey program is that it is personalised, so we encourage you to use the comprehensive database of 6000 foods on your BodyKey app to develop the types of meals that work for you.

BodyKey Momentum

Like everything in the BodyKey® by NUTRIWAY® program, activity and exercise is also mapped against your Personal Assessment. There is no need to worry that you will have to dedicate hours every day or be locked into a fixed routine. BodyKey is designed to fit around you and suit your lifestyle, to gently but surely put you on a path to achieving your desired weight. Your Personal Assessment will result in a simple and easy to follow exercise plan that is based on your existing fitness level and is available through the BodyKey app.

It is important to note that the BodyKey app, in conjunction with the InBody BAND, acts like a personal coach, by updating your program, reminding you when you need to be active and sending you tips to help you to achieve and maintain your goal weight.

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