Personal Assessment


Weight management is a very personal matter, so it makes sense that BodyKey by NUTRIWAY starts with a Personal Assessment – a thorough, science based questionnaire that gathers information about your habits, lifestyle and body.

A complex algorithm then produces a 100% personalised plan which combines products, food and exercise recommendations absolutely tailored to suit you, your lifestyle and your preferences.

Six lifestyle factors make up your unique Personal Assessment namely diet, daily physical activity, mindset, sleep, stress, and meal habits. They are measured because research shows they have the greatest impact on weight management efforts and because each one influences the others.

The BodyKey Personal Assessment calculates your current position in each and determines the corresponding impact on your weight management efforts.

The InBody Band, a device that tracks your body composition, heart rate, steps and calories to name a few, is integrated with the BodyKey app which acts as your personal coach to provide you with meal and exercise advice. Together these tools offer you a seamless experience in your weight journey.

The BodyKey Personal Assessment:

  • Is designed to tailor a weight management program specifically to you.
  • Is based on global research to help you succeed.
  • Compiles six separate indexes to create your personalised profile.
  • Provides an easy-to-understand report and results booklet.
  • Helps you make choices designed to better support your weight management efforts, so that you will be more likely to achieve your goals.
  • Includes the latest fitness band technology and applications to help keep you in touch with your body, your goals and your program.

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