Jennifer Dlugitch

Jennifer Dlugitch

“I’m feeling more energised and my clothes are fitting me more comfortably in just 8 weeks! I have lost 7cm from my waist, my metabolic age has dropped by 5 years and I have lost 5kg.”

1.     What was your life like prior to and after the BodyKey by NUTRIWAY journey?

Before - I am an all or nothing kind of person - I could lose the weight but could never consistently keep it off. When I got busy, I would lose focus with food preparation and the time management around that.

After – The quick results I have achieved and knowing the program is personalised to give me the best results, has allowed me to think clearer and stay motivated. I am now more confident that I will be able to stay consistent with achieving my goals.

2.     What are the significant physical improvements you’ve experienced while on BodyKey, such as weight, improvements in muscle mass, body fat %, BMI etc.?
I have lost 7cm from my waist and my metabolic age has dropped by 5 years. My clothes feel more comfortable and I have dropped 5kgs. My BMI is down from 33 to 29. My body fat percentage is down 3%. Overall, I am feeling more energised.

3.     Have you tried to lose weight previously and if so, how successful were you at losing weight and keeping it off?

I feel like I have been trying to lose weight my whole life and it’s been a constant, frustrating battle. I could always lose the weight, but always seemed to gain it back and sometimes even gained more back.

4.   What’s your exercise regimen like?
I walk my dog every day which started at 20 minutes but has increased to 45 minutes. I also try to do 2 pump classes a week and 1 yoga flow class.

5.   What other NUTRIWAY products have helped you on your weight management journey?
I love NUTRIWAY products and use DOUBLE X®, Carb Blocker Plus, Fibre Blend Chewable, Protein Powder in Berry Flavour, Omega-3 Complex as well as my BodyKey products.

6.   Do you have any advice for others looking to start their weight management journey?
Yes, make a decision, purchase the BodyKey pack and get started. It's personalised, there's great food and exercise advice and plenty of online and in house support. Pop the InBody BAND on and you're off and running.

7.   Will you recommend BodyKey by NUTRIWAY Program and products?
Definitely, I am already recommending it to my ARTISTRY clients who want to better manage their weight, along with friends and family.